Ball Mastery Skills: Drag Push (U5-U9)

Ball Mastery Skills: Drag Push (U5-U9)

Drag Push Allows Players To Use Their Quick Feet To Off-Balance Defenders And Explode Away In Opposite Direction.

Close control of the ball

Practice with both feet

Increase speed as you master the technique


Set up 2 cones 10m apart with 1 x mannequin in the middle (or any object that can be safely dribbled around). Player starts at cone 1 with ball and dribbles to mannequin before performing skill and continue dribbling to cone 2. When player reaches cone 2, they turn & repeat the skill back to cone 1. Repeat. (If you don’t have cones any object will do)


1. Set realistic & challenging time limits to complete (Example: “Must complete 1 circuit in 40 seconds”)


1. Close control of the ball 2. Inside foot drags the ball across body 3. Opposite foot steps to side of the ball 4. Knees bent ready to change direction 5. Outside of kicking foot takes the ball 6. Explode away in opposite direction 7. Repeat opposite foot.